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The Ridge Meadows Orthodontics team welcomes you to our orthodontic consultation and treatment practice, serving Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Mission BC – providing various braces options and Invisalign for children, teens and adults.

Welcome To Our Practice!

At Ridge Meadows Orthodontics, we know that visiting the orthodontist can make some patients feel anxious, especially our younger ones. That's why our whole practice is designed with our patients' comfort in mind. We want you to feel as happy and relaxed as possible, and to feel truly at home when you're with us. We welcome you and your family and thank you for choosing us as the provider of your orthodontic care in Maple, Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Mission, BC. 

Our Commitment to You

We are strive to deliver excellent quality orthodontic treatment to each and every patient. Our goal is to provide a friendly, caring and pleasant atmosphere that will ensure our patients feel relaxed and confident about placing their orthodontic care in our hands.

We believe in faces, not braces!

When most people think of braces, they automatically think of straight teeth. What many don't realize is that the practice of orthodontics involves much more than straightening teeth.

Facial balance and symmetry is a crucial element of our treatment plans.

Creating facial symmetry, balance and harmony between soft and hard tissue is what orthodontics is all about.

We straighten teeth, of course, but we also consider the overall effect of treatment on the appearance of each patient.

We dedicate our time and energy towards providing our patients with the very best in orthodontic care. We believe that in order to achieve this excellence, we must keep our patients informed in, and comfortable with, all aspects of their orthodontic treatments.

A beautiful smile with properly balanced facial aesthetics has always been our treatment philosophy!

Referrals from patients or their parents are definitely the best compliments we receive. We appreciate the confidence you show in us when you recommend us to your family and friends for orthodontic treatment., and we'll do everything we can to live up to that trust.

Though we typically receive referrals from general dentists, we also see patients who come to us independently. We're always sure to communicate those concerns to these patients' dentists. Nothing is more likely to result in a balanced, symmetrical, and beautiful result than team work among our orthodontic team, our patients, and their dentists.

It is our mission to provide your family with high quality orthodontic services in a friendly, caring, and stress-free atmosphere; excellent patient care and patient satisfaction are our top priorities. For our patients, this means a convenient appointment schedule, flexible payment options, and a friendly, professional staff.

Orthodontic Services

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