Sports Mouth Guards for Braces

Sports Mouth Guards for Braces

If you play sports, there are few pieces of equipment more important for your safety, and that of your braces, than a sports mouth guard.

If you have braces, you’ve probably already had to make a few lifestyle changes to accommodate them.

Diet, for example, is one area where you've probably had to make changes since you started treatment, and you likely spend much more time carefully brushing and flossing your teeth, too!

Another area where you’ll have to be more careful than usual if you wear braces is athletics.

A sports mouth guard is essential for protecting your orthodontic appliances during sports, and for protecting your mouth, too.

A mouth guard is a good idea if you play contact sports, whether you wear braces or not, as they can help protect the teeth, cheeks, jaw, and face from injury.

Braces, however, add an additional element of risk. For one thing, damaged orthodontic appliances can be fairly expensive to repair. More importantly, damage to orthodontic appliances and braces will inevitably disrupt your orthodontic treatment progress. These setbacks may mean you have to wear your braces for longer than planned.

Your teeth will become loosened as they change position during orthodontic treatment, so they can be more easily damaged and knocked out than they would otherwise be.

Finally, damaged orthodontic appliances can cause serious injuries and lacerations to the soft tissues in your mouth, including your teeth and gums.

What type of mouth guard should I get?

Cheap stock or boil and bite mouth guards are available at most sporting goods stores, but when it comes to mouth guards (and especially when you have braces!) custom-made is best.

This is definitely a situation in which you get what you pay for! While they cost more, custom-made mouth guards will keep you safer because they are molded to your mouth specifically, thereby providing better protection.

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