Treatment Options for Adults Who Need Braces

Treatment Options for Adults Who Need Braces

Today, adults are getting braces more than ever, and they have their own set of unique challenges to go with their orthodontic treatment.

Social Challenges of Adult Braces

Looking too ‘young’ - Many potential adult patients feel that braces make them look young or immature, probably because braces are usually associated with children and teens.

Looking unprofessional - This is related to the ‘youthful’ look that braces can give you. Many adults feel that standard metal braces don’t work with the professional appearance they try to maintain at work.

Treatment Options For Adults

Much of the social stigma that has been associated with adult braces in the past is falling by the wayside as they become more common. And it's important to remember that braces are like any other medical treatment; there’s no shame in taking good care of your health!

It really helps that there are far more options these days, aside from typical metal braces, for adults who are interested in having their teeth straightened. The orthodontic treatment options below tend to be more low profile, and and address the issues mentioned above.

Invisalign - This series of clear plastic aligners straightens your teeth much like traditional braces do, but completely without metal and wires. Because the aligners are made of transparent plastic, they’re pretty much invisible when worn, so most people you interact with won’t even notice them.

Lingual Braces - These braces are similar to traditional braces, except you wear them on the inside (that is, the backs) of your teeth. Because they face in toward your tongue, they’re difficult for others to see unless you make a point of showing them.

In-Ovation Self Ligating Braces - "Self-ligating" means that while these braces have a metal construction like traditional braces, and are placed in the fronts of your teeth, they're more low profile and streamlined in appearance because there are no ties or elastics.

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