What Does an Orthodontic Assistant Do?

What Does an Orthodontic Assistant Do?

While most people know that an orthodontist straightens your teeth, many are less clear about what an orthodontic assistant does.

When you first visit to Ridge Meadows Orthodontics, one of the first people you’ll meet will be the orthodontic assistant. The orthodontic assistant meets with new patients, takes dental photographs and x-rays, and also takes impressions of the teeth, all to prepare for treatment.

It's also the orthodontic assistant's job to perform braces adjustments, and conduct preliminary examinations at your check up appointments.

Is an orthodontic assistant the same as a dental assistant (but for orthodontists?

Yes and no. While they perform some similar tasks, there are a few differences between dental assistants and orthodontic assistants. The most significant one is that a dental assistant mostly works with the dentist, helping during procedures by performing tasks like passing instruments and generally making the process more efficient, while an orthodontic assistant tends to work more independently from the orthodontist.

For example, orthodontic assistants typically work in their own offices, or in the lab creating molds from teeth impressions.

What else do orthodontic assistants do?

Orthodontic assistants also assist the orthodontist in a variety of ways. They may clean and polish the teeth before the braces are applied, attach the wires, or give the patient specific instructions on brushing and flossing with braces.

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