Your First Orthodontic Consultation: What to Expect

Your First Orthodontic Consultation: What to Expect

At your first visit to our Maple Ridge orthodontic office,  you'll have an orthodontic consultation with your orthodontist, during which we will determine the nature of your misalignment issues, and consider the treatment options that would suit you best.

Your first consultation with us will give us the opportunity to get to know you and your goal for your smile, and learn about the condition of your teeth.

Please come in a few minutes early to your first appointment with us so that you'll have enough time to fill out the necessary medical and dental history forms.

The Forms

At the outset of your appointment, you'll fill out medical and dental history forms for our records. These forms are very important because they tell us everything we need to know about the state of your oral and overall health. This allows us to better and more appropriately address your unique orthodontic treatment needs.

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The Examination & Consultation

Once you’ve filled out the forms, you will be escorted into an examination room where your orthodontist will sit down with you to discuss your treatment needs and goals.

He will then thoroughly examine of your mouth, jaws, and head, and take x-rays.

Once the examination is complete, your orthodontist will make treatment recommendations based on the information gleaned from it, in combination your consultation and your medical and dental history forms.

He will answer any questions you have about your treatment options and misalignment issues, and provide you with the advice and facts you need to make an informed choice about your orthodontic treatment.

If, at the end of your consultation, you’re ready to initiate treatment straight away, the orthodontist will take steps to prepare for it. Otherwise, you can go home and consider your options, and initiate treatment when you’re ready to do so.

If you like, you can book your next appointment at the front desk before you leave, or call us to book at a later date.

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