Electric Toothbrushes & Braces

Electric Toothbrushes & Braces

Braces need to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently to remove plaque that can build up quickly in their crevices. An electric toothbrush can make brushing your teeth with braces easier and more effective.

Choose an electric toothbrush with a round, rotating head.

Electric toothbrushes that have round, rotating heads clean your teeth and braces more efficiently for a couple of reasons. The rotating motion more effectively sweeps away plaque and food particles than a sawing “back-and-forth” motion does.

The round head is also quite small, and this makes it much easier to clean those hard to reach crevices and get into those awkward angles.

Electric toothbrushes have special features that help you get a better clean.

Most basic electric toothbrush models feature handy timers that let you know how long to keep brushing for. Certain models even feature different modes, such as a gum cleaning mode or a deep clean mode.

Electric toothbrushes mean less work!

Electric toothbrushes make cleaning your teeth very easy. You can just gently guide the toothbrush across the surfaces of your teeth, and let it do all the brushing work. Just make sure you get all the surfaces of each tooth!

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