Portable Snack Options for Orthodontic Patients

Portable Snack Options for Orthodontic Patients

Throughout your orthodontic treatment there will be foods that you just can’t eat. Dietary limitations can make packing a lunch for school or work tricky. Here are some convenient and filling snack options for orthodontic patients.

Soft Veggies

Softer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, or any cooked veggies are easy to prepare and store for easy access during your school or work week. Veggies are full of vitamins and minerals that will keep your body (including your teeth) strong and healthy.

Soft Fruits

Fruits that are naturally soft such as watermelon, grapes, and kiwis are refreshing and sweet, and have lots of fibre to fill you up between meals. Just cut your fruit up at the beginning of the week and store portions in your fridge in reusable plastic bags, small containers or sandwich bags to grab and go.


Packed with calcium and protein, dairy foods like yogurts and soft cheeses are easy on your braces and tasty too! Dairy foods are usually quite portable and easy to carry around, but do need to be refrigerated after a time.

Soft Meats

Soft meat varieties such as lunch meats, meatballs, and soft-cooked meats like chicken are high in protein and will keep you going all day long. Enjoy these options in a sandwich or cook up a large batch in sauce to eat with pasta, potatoes and veggies throughout the week.

Thin Crackers or Vegetable Chips

A variety of healthy cracker and veggie chip options are available at the supermarket. Select a variety that's low in sodium, and nothing too hard or crunchy. For a simple and delicious lunch enjoy some crackers with your soft cheeses and some fruit.

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