The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

 The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Usually patients undergo orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons, but having straight teeth has dental health benefits too! Here, our Maple Ridge orthodontists explain more.

It's easy to see that having straight teeth contributes to a having a more attractive smile, but you may not know that straight teeth also have a positive impact on your overall dental health.

Straight teeth last longer than crooked teeth.

Regular biting and chewing create significant pressure, and when teeth are uneven that pressure isn't evenly distributed. The uneven distribution of pressure means that certain teeth and areas of your mouth are subjected to more pressure and stress than they should be. Fractures along the edges of the teeth, chipped teeth, and notching at the gum line can result from the uneven pressure. It can also weaken your teeth making them more susceptible to decay and gum disease.

Straight teeth reduce the risk of jaw problems.

Your skull and jaw are connected by the temporomandibular joints. If the temporomandibular joints are strained by an uneven bite the result can be headaches, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, earaches or dizziness.

Straight teeth make preventing periodontal disease and cavities easier.

Straight teeth help to make your at dental hygiene routine easier and more effective. Deeper more abundant crevices in which bacteria and plaque can build up are more common in uneven teeth. These areas can be difficult to access with a toothbrush and floss. That makes preventing cavities and periodontal disease difficult.  

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