A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Braces

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Braces

Every patient's treatment will differ slightly, but the process of getting braces is generally the same for everyone. Here, our Maple Ridge orthodontist explains the process step-by-step.

1. Make an Appointment with an Orthodontist

The first step is getting a referral, usually from your general dentist. Because more people visit the dentist on a regular basis than an orthodontist, it is often your dentist who will recommend you see an orthodontist. However, you can always set up an appointment on your own, simply by calling the orthodontist office and asking for an appointment. 

2. Attend an Initial Consultation

Your first appointment with the orthodontist will be a consultation. The orthodontist will closely examine your teeth and x-rays to determine if braces are right for you. They may also take impressions of your teeth to begin planning your treatment. 

3. Treatment Planning

After the consultation, the orthodontist will create a treatment plan specific to your needs. Each mouth is different and treatment must be tailored to the individual to achieve the desired results. Using the impressions that were taken of your teeth, your braces will be created.

4. Placing the Braces

This initial appointment begins with the cleaning and conditioning of your teeth. After a cleaning, the teeth are primed for the cement, and then the brackets are cemented to the teeth based on positions predetermined by the orthodontist. Once the brackets are in place, the wire is then placed into the brackets and the doors are closed to hold it in place.

5. Discussion of Oral Care

Next, the orthodontist will go over some basics of bracket care, how to brush your teeth and what kind of toothpaste to use. They may even provide you with small spindle brushes which can help to remove food particle and bacteria from around the brackets and in between the wire and your teeth.

6. Adjustments & Checkups

After the braces have been placed, there is usually a period of 3 to 4 weeks before the first adjustment. During an adjustment, the orthodontist inserts a new wire into the brackets. This new wire will be slightly stronger or have a different configuration than the last to continue to move the teeth. Every time you go for an adjustment, the orthodontist will insert a slightly different wire to pull or push the teeth in a certain way.

During the time you wear braces, it is very important to stay on top of your dentist appointments. Brackets and wires make it difficult for you to reach your teeth, but dental professionals are trained in cleaning around brackets and can help you clean more effectively to protect your oral health.

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