Invisalign for Busy Teens

Invisalign for Busy Teens

Invisalign® for teens is a unique line of clear orthodontic aligners designed to the needs of busy teenagers. So what makes Invisalign for teens different?  Our Maple Ridge orthodontists explain more about the unique features of Invisalign for teens. 

More and more teenagers are turning to Invisalign's clear, custom aligners to correct their orthodontic issues and straighten their smiles. That said, when teens used standard Invisalign aligners, they ran into some problems specifically related to just being a teenager!

That's where Invisalign for teens comes in! Invisalign added a number of features to help make orthodontic treatment easier for busy teens.

Compliance Indicators

Compared to adult patients, teenage Invisalign patients tend to be less compliant with their treatment. Teens are more likely to remove their aligners more frequently than recommended, and for longer periods of time than prescribed.

In order to address this, Invisalign for teens features compliance indicators.

Compliance indicators are a series of small blue dots on the backs of each aligner. The dots disappear after two complete weeks of wear. This feature can help teens to keep track of how long they have been wearing a particular set of aligners and when they should change to the next set.

Compliance indicators make it easier for teens to keep their treatment on track.

Stageable Eruption Tabs

Invisalign for teens' eruption tabs allow space for teeth to finish growing-in during treatment. That means even younger teens, whose teeth haven't finished erupting, can use Invisalign to straighten their smiles!   

Replacement Aligners

Teenagers tend to lose or damage their aligners more often than adults, that's why Invisalign for teens comes with six sets of replacement aligners. Now, if a set of aligners is damaged, teens can continue treatment without disrupting their treatment schedule!

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