Orthodontics for Adults

For adults who want to improve the look and health of their smiles, and to help prevent dental problems down the road, Orthodontic treatment can often be a smart choice.

What are the benefits or orthodontics for adults?

A healthy smile plays an important role in daily life, both socially and when it comes to your overall health.

Orthodontic treatment can have a very positive impact on your self confidence. You may find yourself smiling for pictures more, laughing more heartily, and even start speaking up and sharing your thoughts and opinions more readily, all because of your increased confidence.

Orthodontic treatment can also have a positive impact on your oral and overall health. Teeth that have been corrected by orthodontic treatments are less likely to become damaged, and they’re also easier to clean than misaligned teeth are. Easier, and therefore more thorough cleaning can prevent problems like decay, gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath.

A properly aligned bite can also result in less strain on the jaw muscles and joints, better chewing and better digestion.

And although orthodontic treatment may seem somewhat costly at the outset, since it improves your overall dental health, it may help you avoid much more expensive dental procedures in the long run.

Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment! More adults than ever are getting orthodontic treatments. These days, more than 25% of Canadians under orthodontic care are adults.

At Ridge Meadows Orthodontics, we treat adults, and even seniors on a regular basis. We can do this because the basic biological process that allows teeth to move is just about the same in all healthy individuals, regardless of age.

It’s never too late to improve the health and appearance of your smile with orthodontics!

How will having braces affect my daily activities?

Your braces will have little to no impact on your daily work and leisure activities.

After an initial period of adaptation, during which your teeth will probably feel a bit sensitive as they become accustomed to your new braces, you'll find that your daily life will be much like it was before you got braces.

The most significant difference you'll likely experience is that you'll have to make some changes to your brushing and flossing routine.

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What are my options for more inconspicuous braces?

In-Ovation® System Braces - In-Ovation is a new, orthodontic system that offers the even, symetrical smile you've always wanted more quickly than traditional braces, and without the need for ties or elastics.

Invisalign® - Invisalign straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. Each aligner is created from thin, clear plastic, which means hardly anyone will notice that you’re straightening your teeth.

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