Translucent Cosmetic Braces

Translucent cosmetic braces offer the same benefits as wire braces, but with a softer, lower profile aesthetic.

Are translucent cosmetic braces actually see-through?

Translucent cosmetic braces are essentially the same as metal braces. The only real difference is that the brackets are tooth-colored (and sometimes, so are the wires) and not metal. So while they're not exactly transparent, they blend into the colour of your teeth in such a way that they seem to be.

Though tooth-colored ceramic brackets blend in with your teeth, making them stand out less than metal, they are not 'invisible' in the same sense as clear aligners or lingual braces.

Additional Treatment Considerations

One potential issue with clear cosmetic braces is that they're made of composite materials, which are more brittle and weak than metal. They're also a bit larger than metal brackets are, and can't be removed until treatment is complete, so they involve many of the same issues as living with metal braces.

Since translucent braces are a bit weaker than metal braces, they may require protracted treatment time. This is because your orthodontist will have to apply force more gradually, to avoid overtaxing the the strength capabilities of the brackets.

This treatment typically costs more than traditional metal braces do. To save a bit on costs, some patients choose to have the ceramic braces applied to only their more visible teeth — usually the upper teeth, or even just the upper center portion of their teeth — and then have traditional metal brackets placed on the rest.

Additionally, with this style of braces, there is the possibility of tooth abrasion in cases where the incisal edges of the upper front teeth touch the lower ceramic brackets.

Translucent Cosmetic Braces, Maple Ridge Orthodontist

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